our mission & Goals

modeling godly leadership in Toccoa through acts of service...

We are an interdenominational, interracial, evangelical organization of Christian Men. We believe that Kingdom Men must step up our efforts to reach others with the message of Jesus Christ, while modeling our faith and working diligently and consistently to heal the divisions in our nation, and to improve the lives of the youth and men within our community.

We intend to change our community and our world through a variety of service activities.


The Kingdom Men of Toccoa seek to do God’s will, within the guidance of God’s Kingdom and his word, in Toccoa, GA, and the surrounding community.

We commit to prayerfully seek opportunities for men of God’s Kingdom to work in our churches and communities to further God’s work.


  • Reach out to all community members to share the message of Jesus Christ;
  • Provide Kingdom Men as mentors for troubled young children within the local school system;
  • Provide re-integration assistance to men in half-way houses, jails and prisons in Toccoa, GA;
  • Hold a Men’s Worship and Activity Planning Conference Event yearly;
  • Hold Kingdom Men planning meetings at least quarterly to further the work of the group;
  • Seek additional activities in which committed Kingdom Men may do God’s work to improve our community.