Past Events

Hero’s Banquet!

The Kingdom Men of Toccoa held a Cookout & Banquet at Ebenezer Baptist Church to honor the First Responders in Toccoa.

We served as hosts and managed various games and activities for a few dozen first responders and their families. Games for the kids included bouncy houses, corn-hole, and ball toss activities. Bruce Henderson, a board member of Kingdom Men of Toccoa, spoke to the group to let them know we appreciate them. This was our way of saying thanks to these men and women who protect and serve our community.  This was a successful event, as those participating heard the message that we appreciate their work and their sacrifice!

Half-Way House Cookout

The Half-Way House Committee of the Kingdom Men of Toccoa held a Cookout & Banquet to honor the men in recovery at the Miracles Happen Half-Way House at the Scout Hut at First Baptist Church of Toccoa, Georgia. Twelve Kingdom Men led by Billy Bender served as hosts and provided a meal of burgers, dogs, and beans to eleven of the twelve men in recovery at the house at that time. 

2017 Bible Study

In late October of 2016 Kingdom Men of Toccoa began a Bible Study Class every Thursday Evening at the Miracles Happen Half-Way house in Toccoa.  Attendance has been good, with an average participation of nine men weekly (ranging from six men to fifteen men, depending on the week, out of 22 men, on average, in the house).  This was led each week by Billy Bender, and continued until the Christmas Holiday, and picked up again in January of 2018. Billy reports that this is a real blessing, since those men take this seriously, and several high level discussions of Christian theology have taken place including the problem of evil in the world, and the grace versus works discussion. In February of 2018, Kingdom Men will begin to rotate this responsibility among four to five men, with each taking a weekly discussion leader responsibility. A series of video based lessons on Gospel Revolution will be the curriculum. This Bible Study has proven a useful tool of God, for helping these men rebuild their lives. Any men  who might wish to participate should contact Billy Bender. 



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